Saturday, December 1, 2012

Every Man is guilty of the good he did not do.

So the holidays slowed down my updates a bit. But I've still been making progess, mainly in working out (down another 7 lbs), and in my wardrobe (new pics to follow). I've also got my place cleaned up and organized.

New Wardrobe Items:

So there's a bunch of additions, and I just wanted to scramble a few in here. Got 2 new vests (pictured above), 2 Thomas Pink Shirts (1 pictured), and a Purple Ralph Lauren shirt (pictured), and best of all is a new Ermenegildo Zegna Soft Suit (retail value of $2,695) .... the total cost for all of the above shipped? $112.00

As you can see I dabbled in a bit bolder/brighter shirts. This was something I had stayed away from in the past, always going plain shirts with bold ties. I can honestly say, I love the new look, though I will need a few solid color ties.

I spent some time doing "research" on style, trying to get to know what's right/wrong. I read two books:

Gentleman - A Timeless Guide to Fasion: I wouldn't recommend this book. I feel like it tried to cover a broad range of subjects, but with quick answers and no real information. It was almost like a book of advertisements (use this razor, these shirts are cool, etc.)

Dressing The Man - Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion: This book was amazing. It covers everything from the evolution of suits from origins to different fads throughout the year. The focus was the basics on how to flatter your frame/face, choosing colors and color schemes etc. I didn't spend time memorizing it the information, but I'd say this covers everything you need to know about "Dress clothes fashion" (my definition not theirs).

Next Tuesday night, I am going with a friend to a Drinking & Drawing class, which seems in theory very similar to the Paint Nite. It's a $10 byob art class, and everyone hangs out, has a few drinks and draws a nude model. I looked online and found what I believe my drawing will look like when done:

I also found a "Bartender Certification course" with Flair bartender training. It's $100 bucks, but it seems pretty awesome, so I'm definitely giving it thought... let me know your thoughts!

Keep sending me messages - I truly enjoy it. Let me know your thoughts, recommendations, and things you think would be good additions to add to the mix! Any comments on how to improve the blog are appreciated and will be considered / worked in. 

Finally My Caffrey Impression. Tie Dimple needs work and shirt sleeves were rolled up at the time.

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