Thursday, December 13, 2012

“A line is a dot that went for a walk.” - Paul Klee

Ahh many updates on the dashing and elegant, soon to be debonair! You may have noticed this is now an "adult" blog, due to one of the activities (drawing) listed below. One of the messages I received on how to improve the blog was that it needed more porn, so I obliged in the most debonair way possible.

1.) Drawing Night - So I was actually able to make it out to the Drawing Night with my friend. I had been doodling/trying to get a bit better whenever I had time for the week before it. First, my review of the class. It was awesome, I had an absolute blast, my only criticism is that it's difficult to get to since it's a Tuesday night and a decent trip away from work. The class itself, wasn't so much a "class" as simply a group of people figure drawing a model (my pictures below). At first, it was a crazy scramble, they start with 30 second poses (for about 10 poses) then each couple rounds they increase the time, ending at 10 minutes. Below, I put my best drawing from each group/time frame. I am proud to say, I didn't use an eraser once, or go back to modify these at all and think they turned out pretty good for a first time artist. (BTW, I had to turn the blog to "adult" due to the nature of these photos).:

This was the last picture of the 30-second poses. Came out by far the best.

Best from the 1-minute poses.

Best from the 5-minute poses.
One of the last poses, if the shoulders didn't come out so big, it would have been a favorite.
The last pose of the night (20 mins). Found faces to be very difficult, but overall proud of myself.

2.) Chess Mastery- Ok, so this one will take a while. I know the basic rules of chess, and am not TERRIBLE, but am far from good. My game plan for improving my skill set in this area to study opening/closing theories and then try to implement them over time as I play. I played against a close friend and went 0-2, randomly matched me up and I went 2-1. Any recommendations on improving are appreciated!

3.)  Boxing Classes - I signed up for Boxing Classes from Yipt. 20 classes for $29.99 (claimed $400 dollar value). I am extremely competitive by nature, so I believe this will really increase my drive to work out/improve in that area.

How can you not love Harvey Spectre 

4.) Areas I've been slacking in / Resolution:

     A.) Public Speaking- I will attend a Toastmasters next Wednesday night.

     B.) Zippo Tricks - So I haven't found a zippo that I like, I'm open to suggestions, but I want one that is truly classy / elegant, yet something more than just a polished silver. Maybe one that can make a joke? I liked this one

     C.) Learn to Dance - This is probably the one I've had the most hesitation towards doing. I'll admit, I'm nervous about it. There is a Zumba class tomorrow night, I might just be able to force myself to do it.

     D.) Learning a New Language - still have the Rosetta Stone sitting on my desk. Still don't have sound. I think I'm going to buy the cheapest functioning lap top I can find solely for this purpose.

Lastly, I am thinking I am going to become politically involved. Very much on the local level/part time at this point, but will be joining a few boards/commissions such as the Environmental Committee, Emergency Management Council, and possibly the Board of Health. 

Stay tuned for a few interesting pick up attempts and results, which are always rather amusing.

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  1. Some zippo's I like from their website. I still think brushed silver or gold is the classiest.
    (or any solid color)