Monday, January 7, 2013

"If a man does his best, what else is there?" - Patton

It’s been too long without an update, though I do have some good stories for you guys of epic and glorious success and failure and an overall rollercoaster of a new year.


1.)    Drawing – I’ve really taken a liking to drawing, it’s not only enjoyable but I feel like my skills are improving pretty quickly which is motivating. Attached is another Eva Mendez photo I drew, again copied from Dom’s Drawings, but I was pretty proud of how this one came out. While not perfect the hair and expression are far better than the others I’ve made recently.


2.)    Fitness – I’ve been hitting the gym hard every morning (minus Sundays) as well as sticking to eating healthy, and am really starting to notice the difference. I am going to try adding a night workout to my routine (currently doing FST-7) of either cardio / Rushfit Core/Ab conditioning or Yoga. I still have the boxing classes purchased, but I am figuring I will start them in the beginning of February at nights (hopefully some of the “New Years Resolution” rush will be gone. I think I’m going to set goals / track progress on here to help hold me liable to meet them.

Alright for some updates/stories:

If you remember me talking about the interview I went on, unfortunately I was the runner-up (they had narrowed it down to 2 people on the next interview) and ultimately I lost out. I guess I should be proud of how close I got, but it definitely hurt, one of the few things I REALLY wanted in recent memory. But I have to use it as motivation to focus on improving myself career wise as well.

As I said, I’ve noticed a big difference recently in the way I look, but the biggest difference is I seem to be getting a lot more attention from women which is great. I went to a friends party and noticed a girl smiling at me. I started talking to her, and was able to keep her laughing for a few hours (alright so she had a bit to drink), but she was a pretty girl (we will call her Girl A) and was into cars and video games so our conversation flowed easily. I ended up performing a lot of magic, including a “ambitious” pick up (magicians will probably be able to figure out what I mean by that) – pretty much card tricks that get her number and essentially what she would like to do on the date you guys go on.

The next day, I went to Atlantic City with a bunch of OLD friends that I grew up with (about 12 of us total). We went out clubbing that night (not something I usually do). One of the girls from the group was great with helping the guys pick up /dance with girls, which was awesome. (She’d dance with a different group of girls, then grab one of our hands to pull us over, then slowly exit). It made for a great time, and she was essentially the perfect wing girl. Well when she brought me out dancing, she never brought any girls over, and ended up guiding my hands on her. She explained how into me she was, which considering that she is gorgeous, was awesome. The bad part? Girl B (we will call her) is a close friend’s little sister. We danced for quite a while but I didn’t let it go any further (especially as her brother was there at the time). We’ve continued talking, but I feel there is a bit of a moral dilemma.

New Years eve was a blast. I went to a friend’s house and invited Girl A. Had a great time with about 20 of my friends, and ended up … enjoying the evening with Girl A. We had an absolute blast, and hung out most of the next day. When I got home that day, I had a message from both her and her new boyfriend (who I also know) explaining how he liked her for a long time and finally had the courage to ask her out and how they hoped I wasn’t hurt by any of it. Was a bit of a blow to the ego, but overall it wasn’t the end of the world as we weren’t in anyway in a relationship. A few days later she starts texting me / facebook messaging me with inappropriate messages regarding how she hadn’t stopped thinking about how amazing that night was and how she wishes she had another chance to enjoy it, etc. … I was “smart” and put an end to the talks because I didn’t feel that it was right (especially with how my last relationship ended).

Overall, an interesting rollercoaster of a beginning to the year. In a lot of ways, it sucks, but I’m trying to stay hopefully optimistic and be encouraged by the successes instead of the inevitable crashing and burning.