Monday, November 12, 2012

Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk.

Graduation Speech: I’d like to thank the internet, Google, Wikipedia, Microsoft Word, and Copy & Paste. - Also where I'd like to thank for most of the things I've been learning in this blog

1.) Covert Persuasion - a very interesting book, and I figured the title was very fitting with the blog. The book is geared towards sales people but applicable to every day life. I recommend the book to anyone interested in being more persuasive in their arguments. It ranges from proven psychological concepts to simple wording patterns and university studies on the way arguments are presented. I took notes and will try to start implementing the concepts, but I think I'll need to use it as a reference guide until it becomes more natural.

"Covert Persuasion sounds like a secret operation because it is; when you master these techniques and put them to use, no one will even notice your tactics. But that doesn't mean these techniques are sneaky or underhanded. They aren't! You aren't tricking anyone; you're simply using all your abilities to encourage them to make the choice you want them to make. It's not unfair or underhanded—it's just powerful, practical, and effective."

"Covert Persuasion syn-thesizes the latest research in psychology, linguistics, sales tactics, and human communication to reveal the most effective methods for consistently and effectively persuading anyone of virtually anything."

2.) New Clothes: Okay, so I've been doing some E-bay shopping, making the most out of my $$. I got 5 pairs of jeans (Abercrombie, American Eagle, Express, Ralph Lauren and Sean John), 2 Dress Shirts (Ermenegildo Zegna), 2 Abercrombie Sweatshirts, and 2 Ermenegildo Zegna Sweatervest, all for $138 shipped!



3.) MP3 Courses -For those of you who don't know, there are numerous resources for continuing your education for free that are downloadable to your mp3 player / i-pod. I decided I am going to take advantage of this, download some of the courses onto my i-pod and utilize my commute time to improve myself. You have online courses from some of the top schools (MIT, Yale, etc), as well as topics ranging from Art History to Foreign Languages. is one of the resources (as stated there are many), I think this is one of the greatest concepts, think of how much time is just spent commuting bored in traffic!

Here's the outfit I wore last night. The vest got a little big on me, and until the new pants come in, the current one I have are wayyyy too big, but none the less, my first attempt at an on-going style improvement project:

I may be trying my first Zumba class tonight, which I'm sure will make my next post a good one of the trials and tribulations of my inability to dance! (an understatement)

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