Thursday, November 8, 2012

What the H*ll is this all about?

So I've been contemplating creating this blog for a while now, and have finally decided to commit. I figure it will help keep me motivated as well as be interesting for those who read my successes and failures along the way.

About me: I'm a 25 year old guy, who has always been moderately social, successful in my career, done okay with women, had a love for fancy cars (own a muscle car and a porsche). In the past year, I was dumped from a 7+ year relationship, changed jobs (my choosing), lost 100 lbs, and have learned to enjoy being by myself / trying new things. I know how to do magic (card tricks, etc) and don't have stage fright of speaking in front of people, though I want to improve my public speaking. With all that said, I just want to be better and enjoy everything life has to offer. You'll get to see my many tries, probably ridiculous failures, and hopefully see me having fun along the way to improving.

Goal for the Blog: Well the title is pretty self-explanatory, but my goal is to improve myself. To try new things, essentially become like "Neal Caffrey" from White Collar (okay maybe minus the expert con-man/art thief, though I could see trying to con my way into some parties/events lol) Some of the specific goals I have (always open to more suggestions):

-Debonair Style Dress - Everything from 3 piece suits to the Fedora. I really like Neal Caffrey's and Roger Sterling (from Mad Men)'s taste in suits. I will definitely put in a lot more effort to matching and improving the overall look, instead of just tossing on whatever is laying around. I've recently found out that you can get HIGH end suits/shirts/ties etc on Ebay for pennies on the dollar. Looking forward to building my new wardrobe. Even got my first fedora (can even do the Neal Caffrey hat trick)

-Learn to Paint: Why? Because I always wished I could do it. I don't think I'll ever be Picasso, or even be good, but I would like to try a few things so I can discuss it intelligently as well as have something to show off. I've seen a few paint / drinking events on Groupon, which may be the way I go since I don't have a place to paint. I decided I want to do a Mad Men painting first... see the 3 options below:

Learn Another Language: Nothing spells Sauve, Intelligent, and Mysterious like a guy who can speak another language. I think my first choice would be French, but I have a Rosetta Stone for Spanish, so I think that will be the language I'll learn. (Who knows maybe I'll learn more than 1)

Learn to Dance: This will be the most difficult I'm sure. I don't even know where to start. What types of dancing to learn or anything. Maybe start with the free Zumba classes at the gym? (Not sure if you really learn to dance from them, but they can't hurt right?)

Learn to Taste Wine: hmmm ... the bullet point doesn't sound right. In essence, I mean learning how to review/evaluate wine at tastings. Develop a good pallet, learn to tell the difference between good and bad wines etc (can't do so at all now)

Improve Skills with Women: As I said, I'm semi-recently single (okay, so it's been 7 months, but I had a lot to get over). I want to work on approaching women without fear and just being the charming, sophisticated, debonair I always picture myself as.

Learn Zippo Lighter Tricks: I don't even smoke, so not sure why this was something I wanted to put on my list. I just feel like it's cool, and everyone needs a light occasionally.

Public Speaking / Improving Vocabulary: I figure this is a good life skill overall, and a good continuing goal. Toastmasters meets weekly, and I volunteer with an organization that allows me to give speeches.

Learn to Cook: I have a disclaimer that I believe I am an awesome cook already, and a world-class baker. With that said, I want to experiment and try to cook and present my food the way that top restaurants do. Imagine what friends think when they come over for a dinner party and see a 5-star type meal in front of them! And with my new wine tasting skills, I'll even know what to pair with it!

Well that's a start .... Give me ideas and input! What is the first thing you think of when you think of a Debonair?

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