Saturday, November 10, 2012

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there. —Will Rogers

I found a classes to help aid me through the journey:

1.) Group-on Wine Tasting Class: ($29) - "Studying wine on your own can be tasty, but time-consuming." The class will teach about wine tasting / food pairings. It pretty much defines what I was looking for, though I'm not sure if I will get to the the "expert" level I was hoping for in 2-hours. Should be a fun time none the less. Maybe I'll begin to appreciate the taste of wine (right now I only enjoy Reislings) and will build a nice wine collection lol. I want to learn to appreciate Whiskey's as well, but that will come another day


2.) Paint Nite ($32) - "Booze has definitely led to you expressing yourself -- from tearing up at cheesy, made-for-TV movies to joining conga lines at weddings -- so why not let potent beverages inspire your art?" They are hosting Paint Nite's at some high-end bars in NYC, some boozing and painting sounds like a great time. Sounds like a good time to do my Mad Men Painting.... High end / Hip Bars in NYC usually mean dressing in suit/fancy clothes, but do you so so only to cover with an apron and risk getting paint on them?

3. 4 Salsa Dancing Classes ($39) - Okay, so I haven't bought this one yet. I'm a TERRIBLE dancer, which does have me a bit nervous, but my "logical" side is holding me back because these classes are held in NYC on Monday / Wednesday nights. (Which would make it very tough to get to due to work conflicts.) With that said, it really is what I wanted to do/learn.

4.) Installed Rosetta Stone - Alright my Rosetta Stone in Spanish is installed, though the sound isn't working on my computer (could have something to do with no speakers being hooked up). I actually found out a friend might have the French Rosetta Stone, so I will have to put some consideration into which I want to learn. (I feel like Spanish is more useful but French definitely has my heart and the edge in the Suave arena).

5.) Getting Measured for my suit - okay, I should have done this a while ago, I fully admit it. Will get over to the mall to get my measurements so I can start ordering suits / dress shirts from Ebay. Got a grey version of my fedora as well (pictured below - waiting on it to come in).


Finally, a fun story, So I was at a franchise restaurant/bar that everyone knows on Wednesday grabbing lunch. The waitress was GORGEOUS (contemplating putting up a picture, but blacking out the face). So I flirted mercilessly with her. It was slow (due to the snow storm), so she spent a lot of time hanging out. I hung out and she offered to buy me a drink (unusual for a waitress), so I asked for Rumpleminze. When she came back she stated that just smelling it made her eyes water. So I bet her that I could take it without making a face ... the stakes being her number. I champed the drink, and she smiled and gave me her number. I've been talking to her, and have since found out shes a bit young (19) and I tried to make sure and she said she's "not 100% single" and when I asked what that meant, she said it's complicated. None the less, a valiant effort, and success!

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